The Master of Science program in Computer Science provides an intensive preparation in the concepts and techniques related to the design, programming and application of computing systems. The program requires students to take a broad spectrum of courses and simultaneously allows for emphasis in the desired areas of specialization. The program is based on HEC guidelines. The program comprises two year of study over at least 4 semesters. It requires completion of 30 credit hours of course work. Students are required to complete 8 courses and a thesis of 6 credit hours equivalent of 2 courses in order to fulfill their degree requirements. Students must maintain a CGPA of 3.0 for the conferment of the degree.

  • BS(CS) / MCS / BE in Computer Engineering or are required to make up for the requirement as proposed by the Department Board of Studies. Minimum CGPA of 2.5 on a scale of 4.
  • MS (Computer Science) program consists of two groups of courses: core and elective
Core Courses
CSC541 Advanced Research Methodology
CSC543 Advanced Computer Architecture
CSC545 Decision Theory
CSC548 Advanced Analysis of Algorithms
Elective Courses
CSC45  Data Warehousing
CSC561 Advanced Software Engineering
CSC562 Object Oriented Software Engineering
CSC563 Software Quality Assurance
CSC564 Software Requirement Engineering
CSC565 Software Testing Strategies
CSC571 Advanced Database Management Systems
CSC573 Data Mining
CSC574 Distributed Systems
CSC575 Parallel and Distributed Computing
CSC576 Parallel and Distributed Algorithms
Communication and Information Policy
CSC467 Neural Networks
CSC582 Pattern Recognition
CSC466 Fuzzy Systems

Course Structure

Semester One Semester Two Semester Three Semester Four
Advanced Research Methodology
Advanced Computer Architecture
Advanced Analysis of Algorithm
Decision Theory
Elective I
Elective II
Elective III
Elective IV
 MS Thesis (6 credit hours)