The program emphasizes the need for overall development including exposure to an integrated series of courses in technology, methodology, social sciences, liberal arts and management. Project-based software development along with research assignments are also emphasized. These courses seek to impart a broad and deep knowledge of theory, design and application of digital computers and information processing techniques. The curriculum has been designed to prepare students to serve the productive needs of Pakistan’s software industry. It requires completion of 135 credit hours of course work. Students are required to take 45 courses, a live project and comprehensive research assignment in order to complete their degree requirements. Students must maintain a CGPA of 2.5 for the conferment of degree.

Foundation Courses

Area  Course Code/Title
Accounting ACC101 Introduction to Financial Accounting
Communication COM107 Academic English
COM202 Business and Professional Speech
COM205 Persuasive & Analytical Writing for Bus. Com
Economics ECO104 Micro and Macroeconomics
Physics ENG307 / PHY209 Basic Electronics
Management MAN101 Principles of Management
MAN411 Project Management
Political Sciences PSC301 Pakistan Studies
Language LAN 10* Foreign Language I
LAN 20** Foreign Language II
*1 = Introduction to Arabic
*2 = Introduction to French
*4 = Introduction to German
*6 = Introduction to Italian
*8 = Introduction to Chinese
**1 = Intermediate Arabic
**2 = Intermediate French
**4 = Intermediate German
**6 = Intermediate Italian
**8 = Intermediate Chinese
Mathematics MTH107 Calculus and Analytical Geometry
MTH204 Linear Algebra
MTH215 Differential Equations
MTH222 Discrete Structure
MTH224 Multivariable Calculus
MTH405 Numerical Analysis
Statistics STA203 Probability Theory and Statistics
Religious Studies REL101 Islamic Studies

Core Courses

Area  Course Code/Title
Computing CSC105 Data Structure and Algorithms
CSC111 Intro. to Info. & Communication Technologies (ICT)
CSC112 Object Oriented Programming
CSC213 Computer Communications and Networks
CSC113 Programming Fundamentals
CSC218 Operating Systems
CSC217 Digital Logic Design
CSC317 Introduction to Software Engineering
CSC220 Introduction to Database Systems
CSC320 Human Computer Interaction
CSC461 Project I
CSC462 Project I
Computer Science CSC205 Computer Architecture and Organization
CSC222 Computer Organization and Assembly Language
CSC315 Theory of Automata & Formal Languages
CSC318 Design & Analysis of Algorithm
CSC410 Data Communication and Networking
CSC411 Compiler Construction
CSC412 Artificial Intelligence

Course Structure

Semester One Semester Two Semester Three Semester Four
Intro to Info. & Comm. Technology (2+1)
Programming Fundamentals (2+1)
Calculus and Analytical Geometry (3+0)
Islamic Studies (3+0)
Academic English (3+0)
Basic Electronics (2+1)
Object Oriented Programming (2+1)
Discrete Structure (3+0)
Multivariable Calculus (3+0)
Probability Theory and Statistics (3+0)
Persuasive & Analytical Writing for Business Communication (3+0)
Micro and Macroeconomics (2+1)
Digital Logic and Design (2+1)
Data Structures and Algorithms (2+1)
Linear Algebra (3+0)
Business and Professional Speech (3+0)
Numerical Computing (2+1)
Intro. to Financial Accounting (3+0)
Operating Systems (3+0)
Differential Equations (2+1)
Intro. to Database Systems (2+1)
Data Comm. & Networking (2+1)
Computer Org. & Assembly Lang. (2+1)
Foreign Language I (2+1)
 Semester Five Semester Six Semester Seven Semester Eight
Computer Comm. & Networks (2+1)
Theory of Automata & Formal Lang. (2+1)
Computer Architecture & Org. 2+1)
Intro. to Software Engineering (2+1)
Foreign Language II (3+0)
Pakistan Studies (3+0)
Artificial Intelligence (3+0)
CS Elective I
Design & Analysis of Algorithms (3+0)
CS Elective II
Principles of Management (3+0)
Human Computer Interaction (3+0)
Project I (0+3)
CS Elective III
Operations Research (3+0)
CS Elective IV
Compiler Constructions (3+0)
Project II (0+3)
CS Elective V
CS Elective VI
CS Elective VII
Project Management (3+0)